Health benefits of raisins-Malayalam video

We know that the currant is used to taste and taste in many foods. It will also be available in black and light yellow color. It is a good way to get blood for young children and the water is dried in the water. Besides, there are a number of health benefits and raisins. Vitamin B Complex and Copper have many factors. It is also very important to increase the number of moles and swimmers. Know the benefits of raisins,

Prevents damaging the teeth.

Raisins contain a component called olionic acid. This prevents the damage of the teeth and the holes.


Currant is a good solution to avoid constipation. It contains many fibers. This changes the constipation and the stomach disorders.


It contains iron, vitamin B complex, and minerals. This is a very good food for people with anemia.


Raisins are rich in polyphonic antioxidants. This will prevent the growth of stomach tumor cells. This is a good way to stop the cancerous infection.

For the health of eyes

Polyneurins and antioxidants contained in the grapes are beneficial for the health of eyes. These protect against free radicals and protect the eye’s eye.


It contains a lot of calcium currant. This helps in the growth of bones. This is the best food available to your children. This will also help prevent bone-like diseases in women.

Issues of ejection

Raisins are a good remedy for erectile dysfunction in men. There is an amino acid called orginaline. This will help prevent erectile dysfunction.


Its polyphenolite phytonutrients prevent the infection.

Toxins to drive

Raisins can be used to clean the gastrointestinal part of the stomach as it contains fibers. This will help to eliminate stomach toxins.


The currant has a great way to get energy for the body. Glucose and fructose are converted into energy.


Raisins contain magnesium and potassium which helps in avoiding acidity and gas.

Body weight

It is also a good way to increase body weight. Especially for those who are trying to bodybuilding.


Raising the intestine is good to increase intelligence. This will help your brain function better.

Heart Health

It is also good for cardiovascular health. This kind of antioxidants provide it.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women Raising the currant helps the fetus’s health.


It is also good for the health of the child to give the children with water to rinse them.

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